Trusted servers built for today and tomorrow 

We’re living in an era of digital disruption, where the accessibility and adoption of Big DatamobilityInternet of Things, and cloud-nativetechnologies are enabling companies to transform their businesses in exciting new ways. At the heart of these technologies are applicationsand data, and this has placed IT at the center of business innovation.

IT needs to operate at the speed of today’s business, to be an accelerator of new ideas, products and services. For IT to be successful in speeding time to value, a Hybrid IT infrastructure is needed in order to deliver the Right Mix of infrastructure and services to develop and deploy applications on a continuous basis and draw insights and make decisions from data.

For IT decision makers who must define their Right Mix of Hybrid IT across on-premises dedicated and cloud environments as well as hosted cloud, a new compute experience is required to obtain cloud economics and agility with the security of an on-premises data center. HPE ProLiant servers are designed to simplify Hybrid IT by providing the agility of a modernized infrastructure, the security to protect your digital assets and the economic control to pay for only what your use. 

Agility: A better way to deliver business results with a software-defined infrastructure that delivers intelligent automation and high performance reducing operational complexity for traditional applications while increasing velocity for the new breed of applications.

Security: A better way to protect your business and data with an infrastructure that has security designed in from the start.

Economic control: A better way to consume IT that allows you to pay for only what you use, scaling on demand without overprovisioning or incurring exponentially escalating costs.