Why choose HPE ProLiant rack and tower servers?

HPE is committed to innovationquality, and an excellent customer experience. Our approach to excellence in our innovation and quality is instilled across the product lifecycle, from our customer-first approach to design, to our supplier selectionquality and management, to our world-class manufacturing and rigorous product testing, to our global support services and network of channel partners. More than 1 millioncustomers over 25+ years have built their business on HPE ProLiant servers making HPE #1 in worldwide total server revenue with

21 years straight of leadership.

With HPE ProLiant rack and tower servers, you can deliver consistent and predictable agilitysecurity, and economic control across your Hybrid IT infrastructure.

The rack and tower servers are available in these families:

• HPE ProLiant Easy Connect
• HPE ProLiant MicroServer
• HPE ProLiant ML 

• HPE ProLiant DL 

While all four families are designed to handle multiple workloads, each family is optimized for specific use cases.