HPE ProLiant Easy Connect 

Reduce the need for expensive full-time IT sta ing on-site without compromising quality.
HPE ProLiant Easy Connect Managed Hybrid Servers are remotely managed services o ered through Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s best in class service provider partner network, delivered as a 1-year, 3-year, or 5-year subscription paid monthly or annually. Supported by dedicated engineering and operations teams, and embedded with rigorously tested network, security, and cloud integration, the solution provides secure and reliable access to Windows®, Linux®, and SaaS applications.

HPE ProLiant MicroServer 

Compact, quiet and stylish, the HPE ProLiant MicroServer is ideal as a first solution for small businesses. With just right performance in a form factor that is easy to use and service, the MicroServer helps you drive down expenses while improving productivity and e iciency. And best of all, you don’t need a server room to have a server.

The HPE ProLiant MicroServer Gen10 supports 4K streaming media with two-display port and come pre-loaded with ClearOSTM, an easy-to-use operating system and applications just right for SOHO

The HPE ProLiant MicroServer provides the following benefits: • Easy to set up and service
• Cool design and ability to place it anywhere

HPE ProLiant Gen10 and Gen9 tower servers 

The ML family of servers delivers simple, e icient business value and is the ideal choice for remote or branch o ices and growing businesses. Industry-leading compute innovations include simple management and storage tools, along with proven configurations that provide easy remote access and improved energy e iciencies to lower your total cost of ownership (TCO). Integrated with a simplified but comprehensivemanagement suite and industry-leading support, the ProLiant tower portfolio delivers more business value and helps increase IT sta productivity and expedite service delivery. In addition, the complete, right-sized tower portfolio includes financing options, a service, and a channel network to significantly increase the speed of IT operations and enable IT to respond to business needs faster.